What is the Cost of Umrah Visa?

Saudi Arabia visa

Umrah is a blessed pilgrimage to the sacred lands of Makkah and Madinah, Saudi Arabia. The craving of carrying out the Umrah once in the lifetime is a blessing for all Muslim brothers and sisters. Allah is the most beneficial and merciful and gives the best reward who performs Umrah according to Sunnah ways. They use different kinds of affordable and luxurious Cheap Ramadan Umrah Packages 2019 with hotel accommodations to complete this religious obligation. But before this, you need to apply for a visa application to complete your religious worship.

umrah visa uk

New Fee for Visa According to Embassy Policy

Check out here the new Umrah fee for a visa to perform Umrah in 1440,

1. Per person for Umrah Visa, first-time pilgrims will pay regular administration cost

2. If somebody has completed the blessed worship Umrah in 1440H before now or have done in 1438 or 1439, he is legally responsible to pay 2000 Saudi Riyal for his Umrah Visa this time.

If there will be any additional information or modifications, we will obtain from the Ministry of Saudi Arabia, we will keep informed consequently.

If you are traveling from the UK to Saudi Arabia then your visa fee is between the range of £57- £100 and approved Umrah visa agents can assist you in your process of Umrah visa. If you choose the reliable travel agent then you are free of troubles which someone’s faces during applying for the Visa. This is because the cost of Umrah visa and package for performing Umrah depends upon the travel agent which you carefully have chosen. So, at all times pick out that travel firm which offers the Cheap Umrah Packages 2019 with visa facility.

umrah uk Visa

Umrah Visa For Children

If you are traveling with the kid you would also pay the 2000SAR fee and before your booking must ask it from your travel agents and clear your payment matters because the parents didn’t expect that babies will be charged. So do keep this in mind for those with kids who are bearing in mind going for the religious worship Umrah. The fee of Umrah visa as well as the additional fee will have to be paid on each kid irrespective of their age.

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