Hajr-E-Aswad And Its Importance in The Light of Hadiths

Hajr-E-Aswad And Its Importance in The Light of Hadiths

This stone has the great importance in Islam as it is from heavens every Muslims around the world wanted to kiss it ones in his lifetime. Many people have questions about Hajr e Aswad! That why his stone was sent down to the earth? What does it symbolize? Why we kiss it? And what does it symbolize?

Well, doing a deep and detail research on it I have come over Answers to some of the questions regarding it. They are explained as follow,

Origin of Hajr e Aswad

This stone was sent down in the time of the Hazrat Adam and it was kept in the mount of Arafat at the time of fold which came at the time of the Hazrat Nuh. This is the sacred stone and every year millions of visit it thru Economical umrah vaccination 2019 for families with Visa, flight and Transportation.


The Reason Why it is Paced in Kaaba

While the construction of Holy Kaaba and Hazrat Ibrahim said to Hazrat Ismael to go and get a stone which would be able to adjust in the south wall of Kaaba. He went to find such a stone but after doing very much hard work he wasn’t able to get such rock of proper size that could be adjusted but when he came back, he sawed the wall is filled up with the rock of suitable size. Then he asked his father from where this rock came, he then replied,
“Hazrat Gabriel gave me this rock.” This proved that it is a heavenly stone.

Hadiths Regarding Hajr-E-Aswad

You can see the Hajr e Aswad through Cheap Ramadan Umrah Packages 2019 UK and there are many hadiths which tell its significance and importance as follow,
“The black spots on this stone signifies the sins of the children of Adam”.
On the other place in Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) said about the Hajr-E-Aswad as follow,
“On the day of judgment, this stone will change as it will have the eyes and a tough and he will tell believe of the persons kissed him”
On the other places, he said as follow,
“Hajr-E-Aswad and al-Maqam are the two jewels among the jewels of heaven, had god not covered their radiance, they would illume everything between east and west.”
For these hadiths, we can imagine the high rank and importance of Hajr-E-Aswad.

Hajr E Aswad

Why We Kissed Hajr E Aswad:

The reason why we kiss Hajr-E-Aswad is as follow,
• Sunnah of the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) he used to kiss Hajr-E-Aswad due to its high rank and love for it. As it was the stone from the heavens. So, it is not the obligation but Sunnah of Prophet (P.B.U.H).

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