Battle of Uhud

battle of uhud

This battle was breaking out in 3 hajiri on 7 of the months of Shawwal according to the “Islamic Calendar” and 22 December 624 AD according to the “English calendar”. This battle was breaking out in the northwest of the Arabian Peninsula. The actual location of the “battle of Uhud” is in the valley of the mount “UHUD”. This war is the most memorable battle in the history of Islam because fewer because of the disobedient the will of Allah, and disgrace the order of Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H). It’s every Muslim dream to visit this place through Family Ramadan Umrah Packages 2019.
This was the battle between two armies one was on Makkah and other was of Medina when they get the news that a force led by Abu Sufyan, which comprises of 3,000 strong armies including 200 cavalries marched out from Makkah to Medina. Whereas Muslims in lesser number they were about 700 men 50 archers and 4 cavalries. The major dispute between them how to defend the army of “Abu Sufyan”! Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) preferred to fight within the city at took the advantage of the strong household there. But the young and energetic Muslims wants to fight outside the city of Medina, so acting like a great leader, Holy prophet (P.BU.H) went to their wish to fight outside the city. On the other hand, the army of “Abu-Sufyan” was standing on the northern side of the city. And according to their plan the Muslims will stand just after the two adjacent hills so that they could be able to attack them form all the three sides, but Holy prophet (P.B.U.H) get to know their strategy and again he act like a great general and moved his army to the mount of UHUD so that there back and left side will be covered by the mountain and whereas on their right side there was small rocky hill that was the only place from where they could come back to them by making a round around the hill and attack Muslims form their backside so keeping in view this thing Holy prophet (P.B.U.H). Make 50 archers stand on that hill and don’t leave their places until he will order them to.

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On the day of the war, the Muslims was superior to the fully equipped army 3,000 men. They were about to make them lose but the Muslims was fighting energetically. So they did make a plan to run, as they started running backyard the Muslims started to chase them and they thought they won again the 50 archers also left their places and chase them meanwhile the horsemen of the “Abu Sufyan” come back from the hill at the back of the Muslims and they didn’t get the time to defend them and Muslims loosed that war many Muslims war martyred in this war. Because of disgracing the commandment of them Allah and the guidance of Holy Prophet this was the lesson for the Muslims. This was the battle when “HAZRAT HAMZA” was martyred.
As it was the battle in which Muslims get to lose by disobeying Allah so there is a great interested of Muslims to see that area where the war broke out and see the domes of Muslims Martyred there. So, keeping in view these many travel agencies started to offer some Cheap Umrah Packages 2020 to all of you Umrah tour packages with Ziyarah Masjid Al Haram With more facilities at fewer prices. As being on those Holy Places and explore those in more detail “Renew our Emman”. And we get better in our practices and morals.

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