When Going for Umrah Trip Must Visit the Holy Places

When Going for Umrah Trip Must Visit the Holy Places

The holy worship of Umrah is worthful Ibadah for all Muslim nation and every year millions of Muslims perform this sacred reverence in the House of Allah the Almighty. They move towards the Holy cities of Makkah and Madinah through Islamic Travel Offers Low Cost Five Star Hajj and Umrah 2019 Deals with Family with Hotel and Flight from London, Manchester, Birmingham and all over the UK.
It is Sunnah to perform Umrah in the House of Allah the Almighty in Makkah, but they perform it with true spirit and gain the maximum reward. When they free from their religious rituals, they visit the all holy places in Makkah and Madinah, Saudi Arabia. Check out these holy places which are recommended for every single Muslim.
Holy Places in Makkah
Masjid e Haram
The most sacred place in the planet earth is Holy Kaaba, the Masjid e Haram which holds the great significance in the heart of Muslims. They perform Say’ee, drink the Zamzam water, and visit the Maqam e Ibrahim in this blessed mosque just through Umrah in December 2018 with the best accommodation.
Jabbal e Noor
This is the place where the Hazrat Jibril (A.S) revealed the first words of the Holy Quran to our Beloved Prophet (PBUH) in the Cave of Hira. This is a really sacred place for all Muslim nation.
Mount Arafa
The worship is incomplete without this place. Every year, millions of the travelers came here to perform hajj ceremonies.
Cave Suhr
The place that observed a right act of companionship, the Cave Suhr has the honor of providing stay for one night while Allah’s Last Messenger, Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) and Hazrat Abu Bakr (R.A) were off to Madinah.
Jannat ul Maula
It is most sacred graveyard after the Jannat ul Baqi where most famous personalities are buried.

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Holy Places in Madinah
Masjid e Nabwi
This is the last resting place of Holy Prophet (PBUH) and this Masjid was first built by the Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH).
Jannat ul Baqi
This is most sacred graveyard which is considered as a garden of heaven where the several Islamic patriots’ personalities are buried and just visit it with 20 Days Umrah In Ramadan Package.
Masjid e Quba
The expressively raised up building of Al Quba Masjid lies on the borders of Madinah city. Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) stayed here after His arrival to the holy city Madinah.

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